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How to Use Free WiFi to Get the Most out of Your Events.

Offering free wifi to your event visitors or expo stand patrons with the assistance of a reliable event WiFi rental company has many benefits.


The first of these is obvious and that it the perceived generosity the visitor feels from you providing them with free WiFi. But you can do so much more to maximize your lead generation and brand exposure by providing free wifi.


You can live stream from your event or stand to platforms like Facebook or YouTube thus allowing visitors to follow the action at your event.

You can run competitions like scratch and win, quizzes, and lucky draws for visitors that complete your lead generation based registration forms, thus opting in for future communications with your company.

You can do surveys and polls about your product and generate some extremely useful user feedback.

Using a login splash page where visitors register their information and opt into communication in order to receive free wifi is also a good option.

Splash pages are also able to provide a quick video advert of your product before the visitor proceeds to browse the web.

With most of these services come useful metrics and tracking data which can help you get feedback and ascertain the success of your event.

With live registration desks and the right software, you can immediately fire off an email to the visitor providing them with a full agenda and briefing on the days’ events.

Most venues do not offer the facility to provide free wifi to all of its attendees and very soon their routers will reach maximum capacity and start providing very slow wifi service. Most of them will only provide free wifi for the exhibitors and their staff.

To this end, it is better to provide your own wifi infrastructure for attendees that might be interested in your product or may want to download your apps or brochures.

Using a reputable wifi rental company is often the best solution here. 

Reliable wifi rental companies will often provide the full bouquet of services mentioned above as well as provide other equipment such as tablets or PC’s that assist with the lead generation and after event communication. 

Their wireless access points (AP’s) provide the ability to log on many users at the same time as well as offer an extended wifi range which is really useful at outdoor events.

Group of friend at an event enjoying free wifi 

After or during the event you will be able to record visitor details such as: 

  • Full Name

  • Phone Number

  • New vs. Returning

  • Email Address

  • Device Type

  • Time Spent

  • Birthday

  • Operating System

  • Automation History

  • Gender

  • Login Location

  • Aggregated Revenue

SKYFIELD Marketing a top wifi rental company will offer you the above services as well as the following options:

Login Options

Integrate your own social login apps, SMS opt-in, custom forms, and more.

Facebook™️ Sync

Generate fully branded splash pages from Facebook™️ Business Pages.


Custom SSIDs

Change your WiFi network names, complete with Emoji support. 

Smart Redirect

Redirect WiFi guests to any URL, App Store, WhatsApp, or Messenger bot. 

Sales CRM

Generate trackable preview links with built-in sales prospecting tools.

GDPR Compliant

Use of consent forms and opt-outs links that comply with privacy laws.

Instant Reconnect

Returning guests can easily reconnect with a ‘Welcome Back’ message.


Paid Access

Offer a hybrid social-paid guest WiFi solution and generate more revenue.


Marketing Automation


Automatically send emails, SMS messages, and Webhook notifications.


Ad Retargeting


Sync Guest WiFi users with your Facebook™️ Audience retargeting lists.


Ad Server

Run your own WiFi Ad Network using a built-in Ad Server with reporting.


Another fast-growing free offering is to provide battery charging facilities to your event visitors.


This is especially handy as they often would hang around your stand until the phone is charged giving you ample time to impress them with your product or service. 


The modern-day charging station or have the ability to play video messages and show advertising graphics to users. 


The latest battery chargers now also have the ability to offer free near field wifi, which allows the person to use the internet while their phone is charging.

All-in-all whether you have a big or small event, it makes good marketing sense to provide your visitors with free WiFi



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