Welcome to the Marketing Channel of South Africa

Leon Swartz

Hi, my name is Leon Swartz and together with Carel Van Graan we decided to launch South Africa’s ultimate marketing website.

Marketing Channel is not purely a news channel, it is an education channel specifically aimed at providing the South African Marketer, Entrepreneur and Affiliate Marketer with the very best and latest knowledge and thinking on how to succeed in growing your company, website and e-commerce store into an online and offline powerhouse.

The Marketing Channel is a community of South African marketers, that assist each other to maximise online marketing profits and lead generation.

The content of this site consist of articles, podcast, videos, apps, software and resources that will ensure that our followers reach the pinnacle of marketing return on investment for their clients or companies.

In addition this marketing channel will offer many business opportunities, career prospects and direct insight into making the Internet your primary source for new business.

We have over the last 20 years been successful in all forms of South African Media and Marketing and our companies have sold in excess of R500 000 000.00 worth of media and branding products within the South African marketing sector.

We have sold and created more than 150 publications, 125 websites, 16 000 promotional marketing banners, 1 250 000 t-shirts and other corporate clothing, as well as helped our clients sell more than R500 000 000 worth of products through online marketing.

However, right now we are focussed on using our knowledge to create a new generation of South African Marketers. 

We are here to help you become the best marketer or entrepreneur you can be.





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