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SEO – Search Engine Optimization Tools

SEO - Search Engine Optimization Tools

The SEO landscape changes nearly every month, the tools listed below will help you get on top and stay there. 

SEO Software & Tools

SEO - Professional tools

Search engine optimisation is somehow still overlooked by many when building websites, probably due to, how hard to used to be. Nowadays, there are plenty of easy to use tools, that make getting SEO results a less daunting task.

Having good SEO is worth the time and money. Making sure people can find your content online is hands down one of the most important things you can do to boost your sales or leads.

The tools we have picked below are all focused on getting your SEO to best practice and beyond.

There are some free options that are perfect if you are just starting out.

The paid options are great for existing sites and new projects that are going to rely on strong SEO to provide returns month on month.

Best for summary:

Best for bloggers and websites built on WordPress - Yoast SEO

Best for In-depth SEO analysis without having to use a plugin - SEOPTIMER

Best for winning the SEO / SEM race - SEMRUSH

Best for finding profitable keywords - Long Tail Pro 

Best for taking a hard look at your entire website to discover misbehaving links - Link Miner

GetResponse Email Software

Yoast has been around forever, it is actively updated and is by far the most popular FREE plugin for WordPress SEO.

What makes Yoast great?

Definitely the price, you cant beat free. Yoast does have a premium version but the premiums toolset really only expands on what you already have in the free versions, if you are just getting started or if you are on a budget, get Yoast for your WordPress site, you won't be sorry.

Best for:

Bloggers and anybody who wants to get their feet wet with great SEO, on an existing or new WordPress based project.

Primary features (all available in the free version)

Reporting dashboard.

Yoast scans your posts and pages and provides you with a detailed report on each page, showing you what to fix.

Primary keyword focus

Allows you to set a focus keyword for each page and article, the premium version allows 5 focus keywords, but for most cases, 1 will do.

Readability check

Probably the only plugin to offer this feature for free, Yoast will scan your content and rate it for readability.

Snippet preview

Allows you to see how your "page's" snippet (short description text) looks to searchers. A great way to boost clicks.

Link cleanup

Advises you on links that are not SEO friendly and helps you fix them.

Much more

Yoast has so many features it is hard to list all of them here, it is the number one SEO plugin for a reason, check it out.


The core version of Yoast is 100% free, with the premium version starts at $69

GetResponse Email Software

If you are not using WordPress or prefer not to add another plugin to your site, SEOPTIMER is just what you are looking for.

What makes SEOPTIMER great?

Not only is it 100% free but it also features some powerful tools that you would have to pay for on other platforms.

Best for:

In-depth SEO analysis without having to use a plugin.

Primary features: 

Grading and reports

After a quick analysis, you get an overall grade and a detailed SEO report.

Free competitive analysis

While it does not carry the same clout as the paid tools, a free competitive analysis tool is not something you want to pass up.

PDF report exports

I have seen some services charge for exporting a simple PDF document, SEOPTIMER does it for free.

Actionable tips

Get a list of improvement ideas after running the report so you know exactly where to start fixing things.

A real SEO audit tool

Don't be put off by the free price tag, SEOPTIMER really is a well designed hard working SEO tool.



ActiveCampaign Logo

SEMRUSH markets themselves as an all-in-one marketing toolkit but it is honestly more of a fully equipped arsenal for leaving your competitors dumbstruck as you leapfrog over them in the search results pages.

What makes SEMRUSH great?

A complete SEO, SEM and competitive analysis engine earned SEMRUSH a place on this list.

Everybody loves tools, and if you are even moderately involved in marketing your website online you will already have a few of them, this platform, however, has every tool built into one solid dashboard.

Best for:

Winning the search engine optimisation race.

Primary features:

Powerful keyword research

Finding great keywords to use is great but knowing what keywords your competitors use is how you gain the winning edge.

Backlink checking

Backlinks are as important as ever, the backlink checking tool allows you see the quality of backlinks your site is receiving.

Organic research

Take a look under the hood and find out what keywords and search terms are ranking in your industry, perfect for rolling out content marketing strategies.


All that data would be useless if there is no way to visualise it. Take advantage of the great visualisation tools available.

SEO magic tool

Our personal favourite, this tool will pull together over 2 million keywords for your next SEO campaign. Plus it will provide the search volume and cost per click data.


Not cheap, but it is the luxury sports car of SEO/SEM tools.There is a free trail that I recommend trying. After that, however, you are looking at $99 per month.

LinkMiner - Chrome extenstion by Point Blank SEO

MailChimp Logo

Broken links will cost you dearly, not only does Google penalise sites that have broken links, it also creates an element of mistrust and frustration for your users.

Best for:

Taking a hard look at your entire website to discover misbehaving links.

What makes LinkMiner great?

As it is a chrome extension rather than a service you can simply hit install and begin scanning your site for broken links, no signup or other hoops to jump thru.

Primary features:

Live link colouring

The extension colours your links green if everything is okay and red if there is a link issue.

Super simple

This extension does what it says on the tin, no more no less.


During testing I threw it a few links I thought it might miss, just to see how well it was coded, it found every error without fail.

Report export

The extension will export finding ins excel format, not as pretty as all the other options but it gets the job done.



MailChimp Logo

Long Tail Pro has been around for some time, the platforms tech has grown from strength to strength, Long Tail Pro's keywords analysis tools are the best around.

Best for:

Finding profitable keywords

What makes Long Tail Pro great?

Having started out as a keyword tool, Long Tail Pro has stuck to their guns and continuously refined their keyword toolkit.

Primary features:

Strong research toolkit

If you are going to dig deep into the world of keyword analysis, Long Tail Pro has you covered with a great research focused toolkit.

Profitability calculations

One of the only tools that will tell you what a keyword is worth in monetary terms.

Great exporting

Easily export to multiple file formats.

AdWords data integration

Plug in your AdWords data to discover new, more profitable keywords.

Power user interface

Long Tail Pro was created by SEO professionals and it shows in the layout, any information you may need is easily sorted and categorised.

Good pricing structure

Long Tail Pro has opted to keep the pricing of their product affordable and includes monthly package offerings too.


Monthly basic plans start at $25.

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