How to Set Up a Pop-Up banner and Take it Down.

The Pop-Up banner is originally a South African invention and it was at the forefront of the worldwide portable branding products revolution.

The Pop-Up banner, to a large extent, replaced the old A-Frame banner because it is lighter, easier to transport, easy to clean and most importantly, a lot easier to set up.

The A-frame banner is well known for pinching the skin off your fingers when setting up and many ladies have lost a nail or two whilst having to set it up.

The Pop-Up banner has a fibreglass or flexible steel frame and is thus a lot less likely to get damaged in windy conditions.

Some companies have recently started to manufacture an A-Frame banner which also uses a fibreglass frame and Poly twill fabric instead of the PVC, which was originally used.

So it basically comes down to whether you prefer a round or square frame.

How to set up a Pop-Up banner.

After your event, it is quite important to give the banner a good clean and to dry it off before placing it in storage.

Be careful of whom you ask to take down your Pop-Up banners, as many of the banners, which are not exactly cheap, have been snapped by event clean up crews that do not know how to stow it away.

How to fold up a Pop-Up banner.


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