The digital marketing checklist - what every business should be doing online

Many companies are completely overwhelmed when it comes to what they should be doing with online marketing, others have it all sorted out.

This checklist is here to help you do a quick evaluation of where you stand in your digital marketing progress.

The sooner you start with getting all the correct digital marketing strategies in place, the quicker you will start seeing better results.

Most companies are now looking at spending 30% to 40% of their overall marketing budgets online.

The checklist below is divided into 3 sections, Digital Marketing Strategies, Digital Marketing Tactics, and Social Strategy.

The checklist is designed to give you a good overall idea of where you are as far as optimising your online marketing opportunities.

You certainly do not need to apply all the strategies listed but the more boxes you can tick on the list, the more likely you are to succeed.

Digital Marketing Strategies Checklist

1. Have you done a foundation digital marketing assets assessment (situation analysis) that evaluates where you are right now including, website assessment, your marketing technology stack, in-house staff abilities, databases, and e-marketplace swot analysis?

2. Have you set clear objectives for your digital marketing – specifically looking at customer acquisition and retention targets, customer satisfaction targets, website objectives, customer engagement, and budget allocation versus expected return on investment?

3. Do you have a clear digital marketing strategy in place, which takes into consideration your buyer persona segmentation and targeting, combined with your online value proposition and methods to be used to acquire new clients?

4. Do you have a defined online marketing mix that lays out your communications, email, and social strategy?

Marketing mix

5. Do you have an action plan in place that specifies who will do what, considering foundational skills and resources, and do you require external consultants or agencies to assist?

6. Do you have a performance monitoring plan in place that provides results analytics and reporting?

7. Do have a very specific buyer persona or customer avatar, can they be broken down into sub-categories, how will you target each category, and have you done a comparison between product lifecycle and who’s buying right now?

8. Did you plot your online buyer’s journey, what are the exact steps your customers will go through before purchasing your product? The 3 major steps usually are: awareness stage (I am researching my need for this product), consideration stage (I know I need this product but who has the best offering?)  and decision stage (I am now buying this product).

Digital Marketing Tactics Checklist

9. Is your website customer-centric, with a clear inbound methodology in place?

Inbound methodology

Image by Hubspot Growth Marketing Software

10. Can your customers easily navigate to your website, and find what they want really fast?

11. Is your website mobile-friendly and responsive (this is vital)?

12. Do have a strategy in place to gain the maximum value from each website visitor?

13. Are you building an email list via your website to nurture prospective customers?

14. Do you offer them something compelling to download or trial in order to gain their email address, a lead magnet?

15. Do you have a marketing automation based, follow-up series of emails in place to further nurture the prospect towards purchasing your product or to make contact with you?

16. Do you have an email newsletter?

17. Have you done a Google keywords analysis for your primary sales offerings, do you know the monthly search volume for each keyword and have your considered long-tail keywords as well?

18. Is your website Search Engine Optimised for your primary keywords, do you appear on the first page of Google for your primary product or service offerings?

19. Have you considered doing Google Adwords Advertising?

20. Does your website feature on Bing?

21. Is your website secure with an SSL certificate and does it look trustworthy?

22. Do you have customer testimonials on your website?

23. Are your contact details easy to find and at the top of your homepage?

24. Is your Local SEO done properly, including a Google My Business page, Google Maps, Google Plus, and have you verified it via Google? This is very important.

25. Have you considered and evaluated the possibilities for opening an e-commerce store or do you have other online sales mechanisms in place?

Online Buying

26. Does your website have a range of landing pages in place for targeting specific types of clients with specific offerings?

27. Does your CRM system integrate with your website leads?

28. Will a sales funnel work for your product offerings?

29. Does your website immediately sell your “big idea”?

30. Is your website copywriting excellent and conversion focused?

31. Do you have “irresistible offers” on your website?

32. Do you do A/B split testing of your offerings?

33. Do you have Google Analytics and other monitoring software setup on your website?

34. Do you have a frequent content creation strategy in place and does your website have a blog section?

35. Do you do content marketing?

36. Do you do influencer outreach to other blogs and news channels to further boost your website authority and SEO backlinks?

37. Do you include video on your website?

38. Is your “about us” page really informative for the client?

39. Does your website build authority in the marketplace and do you have cornerstone content in place that proves your authority?

40. Do you have a “privacy policy” in place and available on your website?

Social Strategy

41. Do you have an active Facebook business page?

42. Do you respond to customer queries and complaints via Facebook?

43. Have you done a campaign to increase your followers and likes on Facebook?

44. Have you considered Facebook advertising or selling directly via Facebook?

45. Do you have a Linkedin company page?

46. Is your product suitable for Linkedin advertising?

Linkedin Advertising

Linkedin advertising is becoming really successful in the B2B marketplace

47. Have you considered using YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram?

48. Do you do social monitoring and have you set up alerts for brand mentions?

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