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Lead Generation: Using Landing Pages and the Rule of One

Lead generation - power of one

Are you disappointed with the lead generation results of your Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing? You’re spending tons of cash but your leads are low quality and merely dripping in every day. This is a big problem for many marketers. Considering that most companies that do their advertising correct are reporting that between 30% and […]

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The 14 Most Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: The 14 Most Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies – That Are Going To Make Your Business Dominate In Its Industry Today, online marketing or digital marketing as it is now known is a vital part of any company’s marketing arsenal. Many companies now rely almost solely on doing sales and creating leads using internet […]

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How to Run Customer Sales and Support Queries Using Only Facebook

The “contact us” page has been around since the very beginning of website design, and despite been a fixture on just about every website in existence it has remained awkward and fairly unreliable at the very thing it is named for, establishing contact. The “contact us” page has never gained much respect. For web designers, it’s […]

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