How to Decide Which Delivery Option to Use in Your Ecommerce Store

How to decide which delivery option to use in your eCommerce store Getting your eCommerce store courier delivery sorted out and costed I recently had a quick chat with the courier company driver in my area and enquired as to how busy he was with regard to delivering eCommerce store related goods in my area […]

How to Build an Online Business in South Africa

Online business

How to get started with building a business online   Step 1.  Set up your Paypal account At some time or other, actually, very soon, you will need a Paypal account in order to purchase goods and receive payments on your website or to sell affiliate marketing products. You will also need to verify your Paypal […]

How to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer in South Africa

Affiliate Marketing

How to make money as an affiliate marketer in South Africa To make money as an affiliate marketer in South Africa, it is important to understand what affiliate marketing is and how South Africa fits into the bigger international picture. Affiliate marketing is a huge worldwide industry and one of the biggest revenue platforms on […]

Why Video Marketing is Working So Well

Using video in Marketing

In 2011, a scientific study released by Mattitiyahu Zimbler and Robert Feldman (link) suggested that people are more likely to stretch the truth in indirect communication methods like text messaging and email, than in actual face-to-face communications. The most likely interpretation of these findings as to why we are more honest in person are: It is just basic […]

The Top 8 Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing and PR


  The Top 8 Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing and PR Advertisements: You don’t need to buy expensive TV time to show your ads anymore. YouTube is free. With a little ingenuity, you can promote your video yourself through various social media channels as well as get it ranked on YouTube searches. Product videos: […]

How to Setup a Facebook Page, with Article Content in Less than 10 Minutes

  To set up a professional looking Facebook page complete with your first few posts in under 10 minutes, follow these steps. Insert your company logo in the size 180×180 pixels. Insert your Facebook Page cover photo image 851 x 315 pixels. You can get stunning looking, ready-made cover photo images at for just a […]

16 Highly Recommended Internet Business Resources

Successful Resources

In order to have a well-functioning affiliate marketing blog or eCommerce site, one needs to employ the right tools and applications that will optimise your marketing and productivity strategies. It is easy to get caught up in always searching for better tools than what you have, which will take hours and hours of your time […]

Why Content is Essential in Website Design

When making plans for anything in life, it’s best to have specific goals in mind. Even when planning your child’s birthday party – you will instinctively do this. So when planning an overhaul of your existing Website or designing a new one, setting specific and achievable goals is even more important. Internet marketing guru Seth […]

Live Video Streaming – Periscope vs Meerkat


 vs  Article Update: March 2017 – It’s all over Periscope won. Live Video Streaming is set to become the hottest social media property during 2015, two apps namely Meerkat and Periscope have emerged as the frontrunners thus far but other apps like Livestream, Ustream and Stringwire have also gained good traction in the market. Meerkat is […]