25 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

25 Ways to monetise your blog How to monetise your blog. From the outset of starting your blog for financial gain, you will have to make a decision, are you only going to rely on online resources and affiliate marketing to bring revenue into your blog and live a free-roaming laptop lifestyle? This you can […]

How to Make Money from Your Blog in South Africa

How to Make Money from Your Blog in South Africa

How to make money from your blog in South Africa – your fast start income guide As a blogger, it is easy to become disheartened by the fact that your blog is just not producing the kind of income that you thought it might make. There are two big factors that will make bloggers and […]

How to Build an Online Business in South Africa

Online business

How to get started with building a business online   Step 1.  Set up your Paypal account At some time or other, actually, very soon, you will need a Paypal account in order to purchase goods and receive payments on your website or to sell affiliate marketing products. You will also need to verify your Paypal […]

Email List Building Tools and Methods

List Building

Email list building tools and methods     The Software platforms featured below have been reviewed by Marketing Channel and are our top recommendations for this technology category.   Email list building has long been considered as the most important online marketing strategy for lead nurturing and effective prospect targeting, based on their stage of […]

The Value of Being Number One

SEO - Value of Being Number One

Does your business really need to be on Google search? The answer to the question as to whether or not it really matters to land on Google’s front page is very simple – yes. It does. According to research the first result on Google gets 33% of all search traffic and page 1 search results […]

16 Highly Recommended Internet Business Resources

Successful Resources

In order to have a well-functioning affiliate marketing blog or eCommerce site, one needs to employ the right tools and applications that will optimise your marketing and productivity strategies. It is easy to get caught up in always searching for better tools than what you have, which will take hours and hours of your time […]