Analytics and Tracking Tools

Analytics and Tracking Tools

Analytics and Tracking Tools

Analytics and Tracking Tools are the cornerstone of any website, you need to know what your numbers are regardless of the content or function of your website.  We have put together a list of our favorite tools for tracking visitors. 

Analytics & Tracking

Analytics and Tracking Tools

Great Analytics and Tracking Tools can be hard to come by. With Google Analytics taking the largest piece of the pie, other services tend to cover the areas Google misses. We have put together a list of some of the better options for tracking visitors, most are free. In the end, we suggest using more than one to make sure you cover all of your bases.

Best for summary:

Best overall - Google Analytics 

Best for retargeting - Facebook Pixel Tracking

Best to the point analytics suite with great data visualisation. - CLICKY

A free tracking alternative to run alongside other tracking solutions. - PIWIK

Anybody looking for a great looking tracking solution. - HEAP


GetResponse Email Software

The gold standard for analytics, it goes without saying that you will need to have Google's Analytics suite running on every website property you own.

What makes Google Analytics great?

Having been around for as long as anybody can remember, the platform is really one of the most refined analytics tools available. It also has a very small footprint so it won't slow your site down, and can be safely installed alongside other tracking scripts.

Best for:


Primary features:

Ease of use

Easy to install with a guided installation guide.


All of the major platforms will have plugins to make installation easy.

Customisable dashboard

A great set of advanced reporting tools.

Live user stats

The live dashboard will show you active visitors down to the second.

Exportable reports

Easily export data in PDF format.


100% Free.

GetResponse Email Software

If you currently use Facebook advertising, or plan to in the future, you should be using the Facebook Pixel. Ever gone to a website and then seen adverts all over Facebook for it? This is the tool that makes it possible to retatget you.

What makes Facebook Pixel Tracking great?

The retargeting functions alone make it worthwhile. If you are willing to spend a bit of time figuring it all out, Facebook Pixel Tracking will be the most powerful tool in your tracking kit.

Best for:


Primary features: 


Track users that have visited any of your web properties and target them directly.

Granular tracking

Pixel tracking is great for monitoring specific user actions if you need to know how many people have opened your sign up form or track specific interactions you need Pixel Tracking.

Easy Facebook ad integration

Easily use the data collected to refine your Facebook ads.

Easy to install

You get a simple script to insert wherever you want to track something.

Audience building

Use Pixel Tracking to build an audience for your content to target later.



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Clicky is a complete replacement for Google Analytics that has a few great tricks up its sleeve.

What makes CLICKY great?

CLICKY gets to the point fast, it features a great looking dashboard that shows you in depth stats.

Best for:

Anybody looking for a to the point analytics suite with great data visualisation.

Primary features:


Something CLICKY has over Google is a fantastic heat map function, that shows you exactly where users are clicking.

Twitter keyword tracking

This allows you to track keywords in Twitter, good for keeping an eye on social mentions.

Onsite widget

A for your eyes only widget on your website, perfect for checking your numbers without having to log into the platform

Uptime monitoring

CLICKY has built in uptime monitoring, important for eCommerce sites.


Pricing starts at $9.99 a month.

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PIWIK is an open source analytics tool, featuring a great looking dashboard and great tracking functions.

Best for:

A free tracking alternative to run alongside other tracking solutions.

What makes PIWIK great?

PIWIK is a privacy friendly analytics tool, that is 100% free and not light on features.

Primary features:

Real-time data updates

Track visitors in real time from the dashboard.

Site & Page speed checking

PIWIK features a page and site load time checker. A tool most other analytics platforms charge for.

Page overlay

See all the data you are collecting directly over pages.

Email reports

Send custom reports to keep everybody up to date with traffic info.

No limits

PIWIK has no restrictions on use or tracking information, plus your data belongs to you.


100% Free.

MailChimp Logo

HEAP focuses on user-friendly interfaces and tools and it is miles ahead of any other in that regard.

Best for:

Anybody looking for a great looking tracking solution.

What makes HEAP great?

Heap is easily the tracking solution on this list we like the most, it can be a little tricky to install but the results are well worth it.

Primary features:

Looks great

HEAP is great looking, making data easy to read and analyse is no easy task, HEAP has it figured out though.

User level tracking

Easily track the specific path users have taken on your site.


Everybody loves graphs, and HEAP has plenty of them, every data point is layout out visually.

Data capture

Heap tracks every user interaction imaginable with no extra code required.

Adwords data integration

Plug in your AdWords data to discover new, more profitable keywords.


Free for up to 5000 sessions per month with custom options thereafter.

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